Buy 3 4-dmmc


Buy 3,4-dmmc

3,4-DMMC for sale stands for the full chemical name of 3,4-dimethymethlcathinone. The rise of this drug came during the 2010s where users fell in love with it. It acts as a stimulant and gives very identical reactions in the body like other cathinones. Scientist basically made this drug to behave like the famous mephedrone after it gained a lot of media attention.

3,4-dimethylmethcathinone basically belongs to the class of analogous cathinones. This designer drug still has researchers trying to find out its full effects and side effects. As such, buy 3,4-dimethylcathinone online to further your chemical research. Also order 3,4-DMMC online to use in forensics and other experiments. Today however, the drug still hails as a designer drug and still has a small amount of scientists researching